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Non-Profit Resume

My goal is effective campaigning for planet Earth protection and sustainability. I am currently a member of Earthjustice and engage in their member activities. I also produce print or web graphics, build websites and work weekends.

Earthjustice Action

2022 - Present // Online Activator (Volunteer)

Beaver Creek Wetlands Association

2021 - Present // Outreach & Labor (Volunteer)

The Climate Reality Project

2020 - Present // Trained / Certified Leader (Volunteer)

Save HitherGreen Now
\ Vote No on Issue 15

2017 - 2019 // Campaign Activator (Founder / Operative) in Washington Township (Dayton), Ohio

Communities United for Action (CUFA)

2015 - 2018 // Community Organizer (Volunteer) in Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio Citizen Action (OCA)

2014, 2016 // Community Organizer in Ohio & Kentucky

Citizen Action Coalition (CAC)

2012, 2013 // Community Organizer in Indiana


My drive to coach began in high school my senior year (1999-2000). Due to injury with an arm cast, I could not compete. Coaching was a natural transition that taught me the reward of volunteering effort for someone else. I felt this even more in appreciation from junior high students. At the end of the 2005-2006 season they thanked me for treating them with respect. "The other teachers and coaches call us names and treat us like we're stupid. You never did that." It meant a lot.

NOTE: I also made sure the students did not risk health through dehydration. I advocated training and competing at their "most normal weight" every day. I also participate in 100% of all jogging, sprinting and strengthening exercises that I coach. I evolved my 10-week plan for the start of each season. Individual match video-reviews begin in week-10 with individualized education to avoid errors and train further.

All four of my years at Ohio University I promoted an intramural wrestling tournament, which I founded in 2000. It is amazing what you can accomplish with Kinkos and some duct tape. It grew from a mere handful freshman year to over 150 competitors my senior year. The tournament has since dissolved without my organizing it on campus.


Ohio University  2000-2004

  • NOTE = Degree Awarded in 2006 after Faculty Approved Co-Op
  • Degree = Bachelor's of Science in Visual Communication
  • Major = Infographics & Publication Design = VisCom
  • Minor = Fine Arts = School of Fine Arts
  • Internship = Graphics & Marketing = Momentum Worldwide
  • Co-Op = Graphics & Marketing = Cincinnati Sub-Zero



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