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Long-Term Clients // United Cup (U.S. Youth Soccer, Sponsored by Target)
2018 // Campaign Labor // Event Unloading, Unpacking, Setup, Break-Down, Clean-Up // Google Classroom
2017 // Production Assistant // Event Unloading, Unpacking, Setup, Operation, Break-Down, Clean-Up, Transportation (Driver) of Google Property to Fed-Ex Drop-Off // Gillette Fusion Tour
2016 // Campaign Labor // Event Unloading, Unpacking, Setup, Operation, Break-Down, Clean-Up, Reloading

Allstate Tailgate Tour
2012-2015 // Various Staff Roles // Each Football Season
2012-2013 // Indianapolis Zoo (iPad Staff) of Sears / Kmart: Shop Your Way

Kroger Fan Fest
2010-2012 // Team Leader // Parking Lot Experiences Tour: Beneful (Purina), Cheez-It, Claussen, Colgate, Crystal Light, Dr.Pepper, Finish (Dishwashing), Mio, Sargento of Wisconsin, Slim Jim, SpeedStick, Tabasco

2009.07 - 2010.07 // Web Manager

NOTE: HarvestINFO has gone out of business.

Some of my work-samples from Harvest: Corporate Art

I contracted to HarvestINFO for 365 days, serving over a hundred newspapers, magazines and other media clients. This involved quality control of a PDF inbox. I converted print-advertisements into web-advertisements with Adobe Acrobat, CSS, HTML, Javascript and lots of Photoshop. I often used Photoshop to create ideas for the CEO and team.

I also operated the Blackberry hot-line for our newspaper clients 24/7 then fixed various problems on the fly, helped colleagues or managed my employee. All nights and weekends required my salaried over-time to fix PDF errors, update websites or relay server maintenance calls.

Please visit for similar product examples.
- AcrobatPRO, ASP, ASP.NET, CSS, FTP, Javascript, Photoshop, Unix, XHTML, XML

ASG Technologies
2006.03 - 2007.10 // Graphic Designer and Web Administrator

Responsible for updates, audio/video editing (in Camtasia and/or Adobe Flash) of our product demos, Photoshop imagery, group presentations of various visual ideas and programming our mass-emails. I organized, designed, formatted, operated and analyzed mass-emails on strict dead-lines using Excel macro functions for email address validation to over 250,000 recipients. After a year and a half at ASG, our web team of three was replaced by one new consultant.
Some of my work-samples from ASG: Custom Graphics
ActionScript, ASP, Camtasia, CSS, Excel, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, SourceSafe, SQL, Visual Studio, XHTML

Ignition Inc.
(Acquired by Havas in 2017)
2004 - 2017 // Brand Igniter & Team Leader

Completing Various Campaigns:

For my first Delta Airlines (SkyMiles) campaign, Ignition detailed a Mini (Cooper), modified to look like a Delta plane.

The tour manager drove the Cooper. I asked if pedestrians wanted to pose. Then, I photographed them, encoded their redemption card with a company laptop in my backpack, and gave them free Delta jewelry. I did not create this campaign, which ended abruptly after a month (lack of ROI).

The next campaign endured for three years. Ball-game crowds were enticed by three display tents: the prize wheel, face-painting (air brushing) and a photo booth; which we rotated operating, each game. It was a fun and reliable crew which Liam operated with leadership by active example rather than mere delegation. I went on to work for other clients through Ignition, including: B.P., McDonald's and PowerADE.


My drive to coach began in high school my senior year (1999-2000). Due to injury with an arm cast, I could not compete. Coaching was a natural transition that taught me the reward of volunteering effort for someone else. I felt this even more in appreciation from junior high students. At the end of the 2005-2006 season they thanked me for treating them with respect. "The other teachers and coaches call us names and treat us like we're stupid. You never did that." It meant a lot.

NOTE: I also made sure the students did not risk health through dehydration. I advocated training and competing at their "most normal weight" every day. I also participate in 100% of all jogging, sprinting and strengthening exercises that I coach. I evolved my 10-week plan for the start of each season. Individual match video-reviews begin in week-10 with individualized education to avoid errors and train further.

All four of my years at Ohio University I promoted an intramural wrestling tournament, which I founded in 2000. It is amazing what you can accomplish with Kinkos and some duct tape. It grew from a mere handful freshman year to over 150 competitors my senior year. The tournament has since dissolved without my organizing it on campus.


Ohio University  2000-2004



Scott Bushbaum - Sierra Club, Miami Group
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Kevin McIntryre - Franklin University

Issy Miller - HarvestINFO

Jim Thompson - HarvestINFO

Gene Koga - ASG Software Solutions
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Liam Francht-Monroe - Ignition Inc
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