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Brian Schmitz

B.S. Ohio University, 2000-2004
Major: Info Design
Minor: Fine

Web Designer
Graphic Designer
Campaign Activator
Field Marketing Leader
Musician of 46 Published Songs
Website Developer
CSS3 Coder


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Mini Resume

Custom Website Skills...

  • HTML, Photoshop = 22 Years' Experience
    (Note: 22 Each Not 11+11)
  • CSS, UI, UX, XHTML= 17 Years
  • ActionScript, Flash, JavaScript = 14 Years
  • ASP, jQuery, PHP, WordPress = 11 Years
  • .NET, XML = 10 Years
  • AdWords (Google Ads), AfterEffects, AJAX, Angular, AWS, Drupal, Java, JSP, MySQL, Node.js, PERL, SolarCAD, SQL, Unix, VB = 1 Year, Less or Just Tutorials

Website Testing Tools...

  • I own & operate: Apple, Chromebook, Windows, Android & iPhone
  • for all other device and browser testing
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Unbiased Users

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Bright Ideas Additions

Created 3D CAD Art of Four Seasons Sunrooms, Print Marketing,
Tradeshow Videos & Web Updates to (Offline)
- HTML, Photoshop, Picasa, SolarCAD

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Harvest Info

Created New Web Art,
Programmed & Updated Custom Websites,
Operated PDF Inbox for Over
100 Newspapers, Radios & Advertisers,
Trained Oversea Staff
with Screen Visuals
Migrated Contact List Doc into Database
Fixed PDF Errors & FTP Issues

Worked Overtime (Salaried) to
Update Newspaper Client Webpages
on Saturdays and Sundays
- AcrobatPro, ASP, ASP.NET, CSS, FTP, Javascript, Photoshop, Unix, XHTML, XML

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Created Web Designs &
Developed Custom Code

- CSS, HTML, Flash (AS3), Photoshop, PHP

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